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Parallel Robot ‘ZRC’


Easy one-hand teaching

Precise motion

Payload  3kg

Weight  16-17kg

Working Area  Φ600

Meet the

Zero Delta Robot

Easy one-hand teaching

without motor power

Integrated brake release button in three joints

The brake release button is installed on the end effector for simple manual operation with servo power off.

Modular delta robot

Easy to replace and repair parts

using joint modules

Use of lightweight, clean oilless bearings

Use of plastic oilless bearing

It can be lightweight and miniaturized using a plastic oilless bearing.

Avoid oil or grease leaks on arm joints.

Frame design considering the use of conveyors (patented)

Example of a conveyor system layout

The frame is highly stable and space-utilized, so robot can be used without attaching robot in the ceiling.

Open structure for easy installation and utilization.


Repeatability of ± 0.1mm, 0.02deg

Repeatability is ±0.1mm, 0.02deg, which is more accurate than other companies.


ZERO can be taught by PC, pendant and jog stick. It provides widely used Python Code as an open source, allowing easy access.

There is no paid software and no option to purchase, so no extra charge is added.

Structure-Delta ( Parallel robot )
Drive System-BLDC motor
Encoder-Multi-turn ABS (battery backup)
Motion rangeXYmmΦ 600
Resultant velocityXYZmm/s1800
Weightkg16 (26 include frame)17 (27 include frame)
Communication-Ethernet / IP

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