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Robot Spec. How is the repeatability of the ZERO robot? It has outstanding repeatability which is 0.02mm.
What is the weight of the ZERO robot? It is 17kg which is very competitive.
What is the maximum speed of a straight movement? ZRA-0503P(Arm length:660mm) Robot is 4.42m/s and
ZRA-0515P(Arm length:860mm) Robot is 5.54m/s.
What is the IP grade of the ZERO Robot? The IP grade of the ZERO robot is IP40.
Is it a collaborative robot? No, the ZERO is an industrial robot.
Applications How can I teach the ZERO robot? Using a jog stick based on PC, the ZERO can be teached and the data will be saved.
The programming for the ZERO utilizes Python Open Source.
How much space does the ZERO take up for
its installation and work?
The ZERO requires Φ149mm for its footprint, and the work space is
R725mm(ZRA-0502N,ZRA-0503P) / R925mm(ZRA-0514N,ZRA-0515P).
* Please contact our sales team for further questions on the price, rental service and training for the ZERO robot.
* ZERO Direct No : +82-31-8055-6100~6101