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Touch UI Teaching Pendant ‘ZP’



Live Monitoring

High Response Rate

Intuitive Touch UI





ZERO Teaching Pendant

Touch-based pendant to operate and teach the ZERO robot

Newly Improved Pendant

ZERO Series Customization Software

Can operate any ZERO series robot with multiple motors. Software updates when developing additional robots.

Pendant checks the information on the robot stored in the controller to recognize the connected robot.

Live Monitoring

Can check information such as robot model name, controller version, serial number, etc.

Controller I/O signals can be turned on and off for real-time monitoring and control.

High Response Rate

Jog commands can be sent in 0.2 seconds.

Traditional web app methods result in delays due to the browser’s resource occupancy. Python QT has been employed to reduce resource occupancy and optimize speed. New development software has 0.174 seconds response time in test results.

Easy and Intuitive Use

Wide and Compact

It has a 10.1 inches wide screen and weighs 980 grams.

The layout compatibility is high in the form of a desk holder, and the layout of the control switch adds safety.

Intuitive UI

It has a convenient touch panel, and use of Python scripts* and block-type teach* will soon be available.

Can be used alone without a PC.

* Features under development

Features that add convenience

Table view helps grasp data at a glance

Name the teach point

Safely verify operation with Path Check function

Name-Teaching Pendant
Sizemm252 x 205 x 95.1
Weightkgapprox. under 1.2
VoltageVDC 24
Maximum CurrentADC 1.0
Power ConsumptionWunder 12
Screen10.1 inches TFT LCD
Resolution1280 x 800
I / O16 Input ports, 16 Output ports
Enable Switch3 steps, 2 channels
Emergency Stop Switch2 channels
Mode Select Switch2 steps, 2 channels