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General Weight 5 kg
Size 150 x 210 x 315 mm Only include box area
Maximum Number of Axis Controlled 8 axis
Programming Method Offline PC Programming
Programming Language Python Particular library for robot operation
Memory eMMC
Teaching Method PC, Jog Stick, Teaching Pendant Monitoring, storing and controlling of data via http with a web browser
Display 7-Segment LED 3-Digit
Indicator LED 3 LEDs
Interface Manipulator Connector 1 port
Input 16 inputs Options: Insulated high-side/low-side
Output 16 outputs Options: Insulated high-side/low-side
Safety 1 port EMS x 2; Servo ON Input; Servo Power Monitor
Ethernet 2 ports
USB 2 ports
Jog Stick & Pendant 1 port Teaching device
Power Voltage 90~253 VAC, Single phase
Frequency 47~63 Hz
Current 6A/230VAC; 12A/115VAC
In-Rush Current 75A/230VAC
Leakage Current 5.0mA/240VAC
Grounding Grounding resistance of 100Ω or below