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General Weight 5 kg
Size 150 x 210 x 315 mm Only include box area
Maximum Number of Axes Controlled 8 axes
Programming Method Offline PC Programming
Programming Language Python Particular library for robot operation
Memory eMMC
Teaching Method PC & Jog Stick Monitoring, storing and controlling of data via http with a web browser
Display 7-Segment LED 3-Digit
Indicator LED 3 LEDs
Interface Manipulator Connector 1 port
Input 16 inputs Options: Insulated high-side/low-side
Output 16 outputs Options: Insulated high-side/low-side
Safety 1 port EMS x 2; Servo ON Input; Servo Power Monitor
Ethernet 2 ports
USB 2 ports
Jog Stick 1 port Teaching device
Pendant 1 port Teaching device
Power Voltage 90~253 VAC, Single phase
Frequency 47~63 Hz
Current 6A/230VAC; 12A/115VAC
In-Rush Current 75A/230VAC
Leakage Current 5.0mA/240VAC
Grounding Grounding resistance of 100Ω or below