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6 Axis Articulated Robot ‘ZRA’


Pass-Through Motion

Small Footprint

Payload  5-7kg

Weight  17kg

Working Area  Φ1320-1720

Meet ZERO 6Axis Robot

Pass-through motion

which saves time and space

Pass-Through Function

The pass-through is a motion based on the Zeus’s patent technology which lets a robot arm pass through its body without any limitation.

Comparison of paths moving between the same positions

When implementing Motion, pass-through can be applied to save uptime and tact time of the entire process.

Optimal space utilization

Having no turning motion makes space utilization maximized. ZERO shows excellent efficiency when mounted in cases such as machine tools, vending machines, and unmanned stores.

Easily applicable
small footprint

Anywhere applicable light weight

It’s lighter than other products with similar payload. Thanks to this, it is possible to minimize footprints by installing on the ceiling.

Small size that can be installed alone

It has a small footprint and can be installed in small spaces.

Diameter of base flange: 149mm
Mounting: M8 screw x 7 (P.C.D. 132mm)


Repeatability of ±0.02mm

Repeatability is ±0.02, which is more accurate than other companies.

Cost Effective

The ZERO reduces costs with 250W power consumption which is equivalent to 4 fluorescent bulbs. Modularized joint allows easy maintenance and reasonable price.


ZERO can be taught by PC, pendant and jog stick. It provides widely used Python Code as an open source, allowing easy access.

There is no paid software and no option to purchase, so no extra charge is added.

Structure-Articulated Robot
Drive System-BLDC motor
Encoder-Multi-turn ABS (battery backup)
Arm lengthmm660860660860
Work areammΦ 1320Φ 1720Φ 1320Φ 1720
Motion rangeJ1-2deg480 (±240)
J3480 (±240)300 (±150)
J4-5480 (±240)
J6720 (±360)
Joint speedJ1-4deg/s178.2
Arm I/O-8 inputs, 4 outputs / DC 24V output

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