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Horizontal Articulated Robot ‘ZRB’


Z / Roll Axis Module

Clean Room Option

Payload  4kg

Weight  14-15kg

Working Area  Φ800-1300



Modular SCARA Robot

Easy to replace and repair parts

using joint modules

SCARA robot shares some oi ZRA model parts.

Rigid Design

Z / Roll Axis module with minimal belt use

Do not use the belt by designing the screws and motors on the Z axis module in a directly connected structure. High rigidity allows precise posture control when moving quickly with high payload.

Integrated Break

Z-R Axis brake release button

Two brakes (Z-Axis and R-Axis) can be released and operated simultaneously with one button.

Clean Room (Option)

Structure to secure cleanliness

Normal model achieved ISO Class 5. Can secure extra cleanliness by fitting anti-particle parts such as bellows, gaskets, rings and tubes

(Based on our testing)


Repeatability of ±0.01mm

, 0.01deg

Repeatability is ±0.01mm, 0.01deg, which is more accurate than other companies.



ZERO can be taught by PC, pendant and jog stick. It provides widely used Python Code as an open source, allowing easy access.

There is no paid software and no option to purchase, so no extra charge is added.

ITEMS UNIT ZRB-0440N-15A ZRB-0452N-15A ZRB-0465N-15A
Structure - SCARA ( Horizontal articulated robot )
DOF - 4
Drive System - BLDC motor
Encoder - Multi-turn ABS (battery backup)
Payload Standard kg 4 2 1
Maximum 4
Arm length mm 400 525 650
Work area mm Φ 800 x H150 Φ 1050 x H150 Φ 1300 x H150
Motion range J1-2 deg 290 ( ±145 )
Roll 720 ( ±360 )
Z mm 150
Resultant speed XY mm/s 5100 5990 6880
Z 1013
Roll deg/s 1018
Repeatability XY mm ±0.01 ±0.015 * ±0.02 *
Z ±0.01
Roll deg ±0.01
Weight kg 13.8 14.2 14.6
Arm I/O - 8 inputs, 4 outputs / 1 RS-422 port / DC 24V output

* can be changed later


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