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Firmware release history

※ Latest or factory version of firmware is recommended to use.

And there is no liability for property damage or risk arising from using the previous version of firmware without prior inquiry from Zeus Co., Ltd.

Teaching Pendant

Public License


Ver (22.06.08)

1. “Digital Output” and “Arm Output” real-time display errors correction
2. “Tool Offset” function error correction
– Fixed an issue of not setting the “Tool Offset” when selecting “Teaching Data”.

Ver (22.05.18)

1. IO control errors correction
– Fixed an issue that the functions of “DOUT 6” and “DOUT 7” are swapped.
2. “Pitch Unit” error correction

Ver (22.03.23)

Ver (22.03.23.)
1. Moving function error correction
– Fixed an issue where the “MoveTo Button” could not be released until it reached its target position.